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"Very contended"

-- Anagha ,Pune (New, 12th Nov. 2016)

"Loved everything !!. Thank You!. This was an awesome experience !. Would love to come back soon ! Shruti's studio was exceptional in every way & loved learning things"

-- Biraj, Hyderabad (New, 12th Nov. 2016)

"Session was absolutely perfect. The facilitator Shruti Mam's knowledge was amazing"

-- Jaya, Kolkata (New, 12th Nov. 2016)

"Ability to work on silver without any soldering & the level of malleability"

-- T Mahajan, Participant

"First Hand expereince in a new medium, More experience with the media"

-- M Nathan, Participant

"I wish to participate in more advanced classes.Came to know different pattern of jewelry making. Please conduct in chennai soon"

-- M Nathan, Participant

"I was able to expereince metal clay first hand. Very satisfactory"

-- N Shriyan, Participant

"The results and the fact that I mde them was great"

-- S Enand, Participant

"I would love to do a 2 day workshop and like to learn the technique of putting stones on the pieces"

-- G Cowlagi, Participant

"A well organized workshop that satisfied my need to learn how to make somoething with my own hands. The depth of knowledge and experience that the trainer had was great. A perfect environment for creative work, I wish I had a place like it myself"

-- A Mann, Participant

"The flexibility available while using the mediumwas excellent. Very Very friendly"

-- M Agarwala, Participant

"The result.. Loved my jewelry..workshop was structured, clean. Shruti is a very good teacher, informed and patient, very acomodating & precise"

-- N Shriram, Participant

"Learning & working together was fun"

-- P Anvekar, Participant

"Learning all techniques within shrt time for level 1 certification was great. Each and every thing was well presented and good"

-- R Srikanth, Participant

"The time could'nt have been better managed. Shruti was just like a friend.It was like a mom teaching her daughhter, special skills. There were infinite things to absorb.Can't think of anything to be better but would love if it went on forever.It was like a knot just untied-a great feeling. It commanded a lot of discipline and in a space like it is one would not realize how time passed, Its go some special energy."

-- Bhavya, Participant

"It was a wonderful experuence with Shrutiji as she took us through every detail patiently and enthusiastically.
The best part is the final piece of jewelry you hold in your hand which is made by you from the scratch. A delightful experience on the whole Excellent, very comfortable and spacious"

-- S Kulkarni, Participant

"Very enthusiastic and shares without hoding back which is a quality required for a successful teacher. Very professional approach . Working with Art Clay is truly liberating. Loved the feel and options available in terms of material. The sheer possibilities of creativity makes it exciting and addictive. The place is excellent and has vibes to feel at ease and bring out the best in our work."

-- P H Poojara, Participant

"To make jewelry from scratch by yourself. Truly designer feel"

-- A Agarwal, Participant

"Learnt a new form of art in a ver interactive & practical way"

-- K Kabra, Participant

"Fine Art Photographer, "Very Appealing aura ariund her of being highly skilled and willing to readily share her knowledge. This technology is wnderful, it helps any creative person to go from concept to finished product within a few hours. Being alble to create world class products within a few hours."

-- R Hira, Participant

"Commn Art, Silver Smith Jewelry Maker & Designer To wear a pice of jewelry made entirely by me was a fantastic experience. A fabulous material to work with."

-- M A Rao, Participant

"Seeing own piece of jewelry is great!"

-- S Khan, Participant

"Shrutiji was full of positive ideas , very talented & creative. Workshop was very very productive, a good therapy. I enjoyed a lot."

-- M Babu, Participant

"Everything was perfect as expected."

-- P Goel, Participant

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