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About Art Clay World India.

Art Clay brand products are manufactured in Japan by Aida Chemical Industries. Aida Chemical Industries is a family owned company that recycles and reclaims metals, including gold, silver and copper. In 1991 Aida Research and Development obtained a patent for the manufacturing process for a metal clay, which became Art Clay. The clay, paste and syringe types were introduced to Japan in late 1992. The Aida Planning Department began to develop the books and other accompanying materials and, in April 1994, Art Clay Silver and Gold were officially introduced into the general public in Japan. Art Clay World INDIA, Inc. is the INDIAN distributor of Art Clay, and you can click here for a list of links to other distributors.

Art Clay World India is the Indian family of the global community of Art Clay World endeavours all over the world, supported and parented by Art Clay World Japan. All processes are streamlined and fine tuned and all certificate courses are closely monitored by Japan for quality and uniformity.

Internationally trained jewelry artist Shruti Gautam Dev heads Art Clay World, India. She has trained intensively in Japan,at the Aida Heaqquarters as International Art Clay Silver Instructor and in the USA as Senior Art Clay Instructor.

In 2010, her entry piece to the international Silver Accessories Contest, organised by Aida Chemical Industries, Japan, was chosen for the Japan Jewellery Designers Association Chairman’s Award.

At Art Clay World India, education is the primary focus. Members are kept informed about the latest developments in the medium across the globe. Activities and workshops are held in various parts of India from time to time. Each event is a wonderful opportunity for the members to learn and evolve and show case their talent and hone new skills.

Working with Art Clay Silver offers exceptional opportunities of growth to artists. One acquires skills to create exceptional jewelry using a very limited set of simple tools...and gets access to further education through Art Clay World India. As a certified instructor at Art Clay World India, there are unlimited opportunities to teach basic, specialised and certification classes, depending on the certification the concerned person has had with Art Clay World India.Click here for a list of links to our various trainings/workshops/certification programs.

Click Here to enrol now for our upcoming basic certification course in your city

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