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Levels of Trainings

Art Clay World India offers 3 types of classes in working with Art Clay ,viz., Beginners’ level , Level-1 Certification and Senior Level(Level-2) Certification.

Art Clay Beginner's Level Class
This class teaches the basics of metal clay.

This intensive class introduces students to working with Art Clay in three forms: Clay, Paste and Syringe. In this workshop students begin to master working with Art Clay as they learn how to set up work space, texturise ,cut mould and extrude clay , re-hydrate dry material, and safely use a butane torch to fire creations made at home. In the process, they learn about working with metal clay in various stages, and both kiln and torch firing techniques. After using various techniques to finish the pieces, the students then learn to fire the pieces in either a kiln or with a mini torch. The class covers various finishing methods including wire brushing, buffing, burnishing, and patina. In this workshop, students create two original pendants using Art Clay in Clay form. They also learn how to texturise a sheet of clay and how to work with clay coil to make a pendant with a bail.

It opens new horizons of creative expression and a new world of learning and evolving all along . It is desirable to sign up for this class if one wishes to continue exploring the creative potential of Art clay by means of attending workshops and classes anywhere in the world , as this will form the base of all further explorations in working with precious metal clay.This class , however , is essential requirement for anybody desiring to undertake the Art Clay certification course in due time.

Skill Level: Beginner

Time Duration: 4 hours

Prerequisite: None

Class Materials: Includes one package of Clay, one jar of Clay Paste, and a Clay Syringe . Tools will be provided for use in the class

Additional supplies may be purchased as desired.

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Art Clay Certification-Level 1 & 2

Art Clay Certification has two levels. Level 1 Certification requires you to have some basic experience with metal clay. It is not meant for beginners. An intense course, it normally run over three days.

At Level 1, a number of projects are completed exactly as they are specified in the Art Clay Beginners Book. The focus is on technique, precision and finishing pieces to a consistently high standard. This course allows no design freedom in the projects. A comprehensive toolkit and all the materials needed including findings are included in the course.

Once Level 1 Certification is passed, students can teach beginners Art Clay classes and normally get a discount on buying Art Clay from Art Clay World India c/o Artyzenworld in India. Level 1 Certification holders are the Art Clay Level 1 Instructors.

Level 2 Certification covers more advanced techniques and runs over four days. A number of pieces have to be completed during the course. Like the Level 1 Certification, the Level 2 projects must be completed exactly as specified in the Art Clay Advanced Book. There is no design freedom in the pieces. A list of all the skills and competencies the instructor is looking for has to be adhered to and this has to be completed successfully for the certification to be awarded. Also, three pieces made after the course are to be submitted and evaluated by a panel before being certified.

Once these steps are passed the holder is qualified to teach beginners, Level 1 and Level 2 Certification classes. A bigger discount on buying Art Clay from Art Clay World India maybe one of the advantages of the qualification. Holders of Level 2 Certification become Senior Art Clay Instructors. Like the Level 1 Certification, the course includes a few additional items to add to the toolkit and all the materials needed, including findings.

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