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Welcome to the Art Clay World India website! We are all about learning, teaching and handcrafting beautiful jewelry and what you will using Art Clay Silver!
Gold Silver Jewelry Silver Clay Jewelry Mixed Media Jewelry

Art Clay Silver is a beautiful, non-toxic medium that enables one to create unique fine silver jewelry. It incorporates organic textures most beautifully and is easy to kiln fire once it is bone dry. One can effortlessly incorporate cubic zirconia elements in the piece at the pre-firing stage. Certain lab grown gemstones can also be used (with adequate knowledge about their firing temperatures) and dichroic glass. Art Clay is available in Gold too....known as Gold Clay.

Metal clay techniques are easy to understand and master. At Art Clay World India, the driving force is to spread the knowledge and joy of working with Art Clay Silve, beginning from scratch. While Art Clay Silver has been known and celebrated by artists the world over since nearly 1995, it has found its way to India very recently.

Handcrafting jewelry has never been so easy. One can create jewelry using almost any texture. Precious stones, semi-precious stones, cubic zirconia, lab grown gemstones, dichroic glass can all be incorporated in the jewelry with some specific knowledge and appropriate information. Art Clay silver is ideal to use when creating mixed media jewelry.

If you would like to contact us, please .

Art Clay World India is the  information resource division of ARTYZENWORLD engaged  introducing Art Clay, and Art Clay classes, workshops, masterclasses, and ArtClay Level 1 and Level 2 teacher-certification courses in India.
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